Just Transition Framework

From burning, burying and extraction to healthy, clean and stable communities

Residents and workers are leading the way towards a transition to zero waste with new infrastructure that regenerates our environment and local economies. Decades of extraction, wasting, burning and burying make this transition long overdue – now is the time. We have developed a framework to help guide and focus the diverse work needed to move closer to our shared vision.

  • Establish a “Just Transition for Zero Waste Fund” to develop new community-owned compost, recycling, deconstruction and reuse infrastructure
  • End subsidies for the incinerators and landfills we are transitioning away from
  • Build and strengthen local end markets for compost and recycled commodities
  • Establish protections for sanitation workers as we transition from outdated technologies to current approaches
  • Create relief funds for the communities that have hosted toxic waste infrastructure for decades

If you are working on a piece of Baltimore’s Just Transition to Zero Waste, we would love to hear from you!

For more information, please read the full Zero Waste Plan at the link below.

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