A youth owned piece of Baltimore’s Just Transition to Zero Waste

SBCLT is proud to host this amazing community grown and youth owned business.

“We are Baltimore Broken Glass, a local youth led zero waste business with a mission to create more jobs for local youth while diverting glass from landfills and incinerators. Our work is made possible by having access to workspace and training on community owned land.

Glass is among the oldest and most recyclable materials on earth with remarkable beauty and variety of uses. We need and love glass! Despite existing markets, the glass that residents and businesses put in their recycling bins in Baltimore City is not truly recycled. Instead, glass is sent to landfills and incinerators leading to more extraction of raw materials hurting our planet and mission of global solidarity. This is also a clear symptom that our regional waste systems are in need of a systemic cure.

Our business is youth led and owned and is run out of community owned land at the South Baltimore Community Land Trust. In order to build a solid foundation for our business, we are looking to partner with local institutions, restaurants, cafes, places of worship and businesses to bring our business to a scale that can support more youth jobs. We are looking to secure contracts for orders of our Baltimore Broken Glass work in order to:

  • Provide your business or organization with something you need and value such as candle holders for restaurant tables, decorations, gifts, etc… (please see our growing catalogue here)
  • Bring something unique, beautiful and locally crafted to your organization or business
  • Scale up the number of jobs for fellow youth
  • Divert the 10,000 tons of glass sent to landfills and incinerators each year by demonstrating the need for a citywide glass recycling program


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