Affordable Housing

Quality Homes that Stay Affordable. Forever.

SBCLT is a cross neighborhood Community Land Trust building power to create development without displacement in Baltimore City. Residents directly impacted by the commercialization of homes and community are taking the lead on structuring a development process that creates a stable, healthy, beautiful and strong environment for all.

Development of Land

We put our trust in fellow community members to work to identify priority sites for CLT development. Using our collective tools, creativity and energy – we research and build understanding of the potential development opportunity. It matters to us that our development always starts from the ground up. If you would like to be involved in this community led form of development, please let us know.

Building our Power

Youth, residents and core partners are governing our Community Land Trust. We learn, reflect and act together to become the decision making body that is centered on meeting the needs of our own communities for permanently affordable housing.

Building Community Wealth

We support families at 50% AMI and below to have the opportunity to own in your community. We connect with partners to make this dream a reality.

Need Housing?

Start now by filling out our Housing Application Form. We will follow up with you and do our best to support you in your journey.