Our Vision

SBCLT believes that people directly impacted by environmental, economic and racial injustice must be in the lead to create development that regenerates our communities and our planet. Building on this belief, we take land out of the extractive speculative sector and put it into the hands of the community to advance a proactive vision for development without displacement and zero waste.

Through our local work here in Baltimore, we aspire to a world that is:

  • Democratic, where all people have the power to shape their communities, institutions and their societies.
  • Decolonised, where all people determine their collective destiny free from oppression.
  • Diverse, where difference is celebrated as strength.
  • Just, that redresses inequity in our societies and the legacy of our shared history.
  • Liberated, where all identities enjoy equal rights, recognition, and power.
  • Regenerative, that respects planetary boundaries and protects frontline communities while replenishing rather than extracting from our environment.
  • Solidaristic, where the struggle of each is the struggle of all.
  • Peaceful, where violence is replaced by the diplomacy of peoples.
  • Prosperous, that eradicates poverty and invests in a future of shared abundance.


If you have any questions or comments, please write to mysbclt@gmail.com and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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