A Tale of Five Cities: Plastic Barriers to Zero Waste

We just heard from zero waste, health and community leaders on the findings from a new report created through a collaboration between grassroots leaders and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives: A Tale of Five Cities: Plastic Barriers to Zero Waste. You can find the report at https://www.no-burn.org/5cities/.

We now know that in Baltimore less than 3% of plastics are recycled while 96% are burned at the city’s worst air polluter, the BRESCO incinerator and buried at the Quarantine Road Landfill. Residents, business leaders and health professionals launched a call for urgent action in the face of the growing plastic pollution crisis including a ban on burning single use plastics at BRESCO. You can sign on to our call for action here and share with your friends, family and network: https://forms.gle/dggVQbTvLqhaGpa6A

In case you missed it

This morning we heard from an amazing group of people committed to advancing zero waste in Baltimore. Here are a few major takeaways. We will share out video from the event shortly.

Diane Witner, founder of local refill business Echotopia:

“A lack of consumer choices regarding refill isn’t the fault of residents. Policy choices over time have brought us all into this literal disastrous mess – people get it. People understand the deadly origins and consequences of reliance on single use plastic, and of burying or burning trash. Let’s bring back non-plastic REFILL and REUSE containers. The stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s about our shared community health, economic opportunities and well being. Future generations are counting on us. Say it again plastic-free REFILL and REUSE containers.”

Carlos Sanchez, youth leader from Lakeland:

“I as a youth see that using our natural resources to create something for one time use is ridiculous and reckless and I’m asking for you as community, labor, and government officials to see it too. What we are calling for is for you to stand up with us in calling for Baltimore to place a ban on burning all single use plastics at the BRESCO incinerator and make polluters pay . We are saying no to the worst option for dealing with plastic waste while we work to solve the problem at the root by ending single use plastic production.”

Dr. Dan Morhaim, Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility:

“Plastics are made from fossil fuels and usage increases the demand for these non-renewable fuels. When these are burned, residues go into the air just like the exhaust from cars, trucks, and smokestacks. Besides contributing to climate change, this leads to a range of health issues from asthma to heart disease to cancer to developmental disorders in children. Is it any wonder that these diseases are all on the rise?”

Please, take these 3 small steps with us to gear up for what will be required to confront the obstacle of plastic waste to our Zero Waste future in Baltimore:

  1. Read and share these powerful messages and this new report: https://www.no-burn.org/5cities/
  2. Sign on to our call to action: https://forms.gle/dggVQbTvLqhaGpa6A
  3. Share what you have learned and why it matters with your friends, networks and elected officials. Let us know by email at mysbclt@gmail.com

Thank you for your commitment and support to grow the movement in Baltimore and beyond.

With deep appreciation,

The South Baltimore Community Land Trust Team

P.S As always, you can donate and sign up to get involved to support the movement for Zero Waste and Development without Displacement in Baltimore. We need a growing unified movement to follow through on a promise this big. Your passion, skills and energy are valued and needed right now!

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