A just transition to Zero Waste and Development without Displacement

SBCLT believes that people directly impacted by environmental and economic injustice must be in the lead to create development that regenerate our communities and our planet. Building on this belief, we own land and

SBCLT has created key elements required for a just transition to Zero Waste in Baltimore including a city zero waste plan centered on equity and a strong public pressure campaign to remove obstacles to Zero Waste. We now must build from this foundation a coalition capable of leading implementation efforts and holding strong to environmental, labor, and community commitments. A decades long reliance on a burn and bury approach leaves Baltimore with deeply entrenched obstacles within the city government leaving the city ill equipped to oversee a just transition. Furthermore, decades of public policy centered around dumping on poor and black communities has broken the public contract with residents. We believe that by leveraging the political support we have earned along with the urgency we have created to initiate a just transition - that we can establish a community led zero waste coalition capable of beginning to address the unjust conditions generated over decades of system oppression.